Monday, May 10, 2010

Knitting Loom Horror! or... I'm a moron, Pt. 1

Okay...I've been sick. Sitting in bed with nothing much to do but crocheting and ipod games. Walmart provides a long and small round knitting loom to break the monotony of crocheting for three days straight.

I HATE them. Granted, B says I'm new to it, and apparently I bought the bulk (5-6) yarn looms, and not the regular ww(3-4) yarn looms... stupid me, right? Okay, but still...this is insane. My work, even though it is obviously loose as my thread is too thin, is just a bunch of loops and looks nothing like knitting, loose or otherwise...Jeesh...

B says I need to give it time...but...I think I expected the results to look like the pictures or at least close to... ya know?? LOL

Hahahahaha I feel like a total noob!!!

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