Saturday, February 26, 2011

Loomage - Knifty Knitter and others...

Okay, so remember a long time ago when I got my first loom? The SCARF LOOM from Hell! Well, the collection has been expanded and I've made a few things since.

Loomage Collection as of 2/2011
I also have a couple of books:

So far I've made a few hats, learned how to make socks (still learning that, though) and have joined a couple of great yahoo groups to learn more from. If anyone is interested in them, I will post the links. Just comment below.

I'll post more projects I do as I go, of course.

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  1. Mackena,
    Hi,I'm Dottie From Central Va. I Got The Round Set For Christmas & Just The Other Night,Friday,Bought The Long Set. I Also Have The Spool.I've Not Made Anything On Them Yet, Any Suggestions For Patterns For Looms ? I Also Have A Longer Loom I Got At Goodwill Some Time Back That Can Be Used For Afghans.
    E Mail Me At I Also Started Following Your Blog Here
    Thank's & Take Care,
    Dottie In Va