Thursday, March 24, 2011

Blog Neglect?

Nope - I promise :-P Well . . . not technically. I've just been working on my other blog Mackena's Hook n Needle Adventures trying to finish out Kit #1.

Hit a small snag there when the last scarf ran out of yarn before the edging was complete. I am having to match it now in order to finish it. I think it was just something as simple as a typo in the pattern. I believe it would have had a little left over if they had chosen an H hook. My gauge swatch matched properly according to yarn size, so perhaps and hopefully it wasn't "user error" - as I tend to blame myself first. I'd like to think it wasn't me but since I don't know of any other member complaints about that scarf (not that they have a place to publicly complain or ask about the kits anyway), I'm still wondering where I went wrong - trying to own up to user error being the cause.

Regardless, the scarf is gorgeous!!! and I LOVE it!! I'll try to match yarn today to finish it. I have a couple of different White S2s around so hopefully one will match the color. How difficult should it be to match WHITE after all?? LOL  Don't answer that!!

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