Monday, March 14, 2011


I have finally decided that I hate ROW 1 - Doesn't matter what pattern... I hate the first row after the chain. I just wanted to put that out there! Grrr - especially when there are 227 chains!!


  1. This has been my complaint since Day 1. When I am working on the beginning chain and Row 1, I dare anyone to talk to me or bother me. They have all learned better, lol.

  2. Agreed! I swear, other than weaving in ends, which is my personal hell, btw, I think 1st row headaches have prevented me from doing a lot of larger projects!! Rofl
    I have 176 ch one coming up for the last scarf in my Hook and Needle Club Adventure blog!! I was going to start it last night but ended up not wanting to!!
    Oh well lol I will today!!

  3. I don't mind if it is just sc or dc across. The ones where you have to skip and chain and shell here... grrrr. I also tend to make a few extra chains just in case I miscounted. You can always take out the leftovers, but nothing makes me more furious than to get to the end and see you are 2 chains short :P