Friday, March 11, 2011

A Boy & his Link!

Okay, so I know it's only the 11th, but he was talking about LINK and the Twilight Princess and blahblahblah... I couldn't stand it anymore!! ROFL I HAD to give it to him early!!!

And you know what???? He POUNCED me and screamed OMG I LOVE IT!!! *insert very nervously relieved mom tears here*

My only disappointment is...errr... he is PLAYING with it and I showed him the sword and shield! He preceded to inform me that Link got his shield before he got his HAT so I needed to hurry up and make the shield and sword so his Link wasn't embarrassed!! ROFLMAO

The only problem now is that he is giving me a mile long list of things and characters I need to make to go along with his Link - and he just keeps saying, "Mom!! I LOVE him!!!!"


I'm so totally feeling the LOVE today!! Oh and he wants me to make the Twilight Princess (which is who I thought was Zelda) LOL

~ Together Forever ~


  1. i love it!!!glad he loves it, lots of work and love and some stressin went into link! lmao@ embarrassed link!!!

  2. Ahh that's so cute! I'm about to try making Link now too! I only started doing crochet last week specifically so I could make it haha! I've almost finished a jigglypuff (my first project) so I can't wait to get started on link :-D